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Planning a trip to Germany

Germany is a fascinating country with an amazing variety of things to see and do. The first order of business when considering a visit to Germany is deciding where you want to go. Are you looking to visit the Black Forest, Berlin or Bavaria? It would be impossible to see everything of interest in one trip so you either need to be satisfied with seeing a lot of areas briefly or concentrating on one or two areas. Once you have narrowed down the area you want to visit, it is time to head to the Internet.

Germany Travel

A good first stop would be The Official Tourism site for Germany. It’s a great place to begin to find out what there is to see in each of the places you have decided to visit. It even has a list of all the Christmas markets by geographic area. There is a lot of practical up to date information on this site as well.

Bookmark each of the sites you use so that you can go back and check on them. Another very informative site is Come to Germany. One of the blocks on the front page is Specials. It includes Spiritual travel, Abbeys Churches, cathedrals and minsters Traditions and customs, Family attractions, Theme parks, Worlds of discovery, Zoos & wildlife parks, Indoor & interactive, Luther Contemporaries Places associated with Luther Biography Contemporary history Luther Routes.

You may want to visit Everything about Germany which includes travel tips, everything you need to know about Oktoberfest and dangers and cautions. Not as all inclusive a site as the first two but it does have some information worth looking at and is written by a former American soldier who was stationed in Germany.

When it comes time to start picking your accommodations, be sure to check out Trip Advisor and Rough Guides. These sites offer suggestions for where to stay, reviews and things you need to know before you book. You can’t trust websites that are owned by accommodations to give you truthful reviews, look for other review sites. Unterkunft Frankfurt-Oder click to book your Accommodation in Germany.


If you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodations in Germany this is a good website. It has a map of Germany and you click on the area where you plan to stay and it gives you a list of the available bed and breakfasts. By clicking on the name of the B&B you can get detailed information about the hosts and the accommodations.

If you prefer to rent an apartment or a self-catering house, try this site.

To find a hotel you can use any of the large search engines such as or to do your search. Book directly with the hotel if at all possible. To find out some of smaller more out of the way hotels just Google hotels in the city of your choice. One chain that is particularly nice are the partyraum Frankfurt-Oder.

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